Soli Deo Gloria

  • The beautiful beach of Cala Coloritze, Gulf of Orosei

  • The beach with pinewood of Su Barone, Orosei

  • Cottage on the plateau

  • Path leading to the plateau and to the Prayer Mountain

  • Resting in the beauty of God’s creation

  • Clear sea water in Orosei

  • Overview of the campsite and the Prayer Mountain from west to east

  • The beautiful beach of Marina di Orosei

  • Lilies on Cala Ginepro’s beach in Orosei

  • Dawn at Marina di Orosei

  • Lo stretto indispensabile…

Holidays at the Christian center SDG are very different from the world of mass tourism. Here you will find a familiar atmosphere under the shade of olive, pine and eucalyptus trees. Beautiful Mediterranean vegetation and mountains surround the Chilivri valley, where our center is located (“Chilivri” is the Sardinian word for “sieve”, the tool used to sift wheat). In the 47,000 square meters of land just below the “Prayer Mountain“, there are 8 rooms and 8 bungalows for campers, adding up to a total of 43 beds.

There is also still plenty of room for tents and caravans, with a suitable environment for individuals as well as families and groups. Four bungalows are furnished and equipped with an own kitchen. For the other bungalows and caravans there is a very spacious common kitchen with three stoves, two large refrigerators, dishes and other kitchenware, and a large barbecue grill.

The units of the campsite are simple and built in such a way that, especially in summer, they are used mostly for sleeping, while the rest of the time is spent outdoors on our lovely campsite or at the marvelous beaches and pine forests along the sea.

Do not forget to bring your hammocks with you; they are ideal for relaxing outdoors!

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