Soli Deo Gloria


The Gulf of Orosei includes many beaches, from Bidderosa to Cala Coloritze, for a total of 40 km of unspoiled coastline of rare beauty. The main feature is certainly the appearance of very diverse landscape: the fine silver sand of Marina Beach gives way to the beaches with pine forest tract Orosei-Osalla and wild cliffs. Some cliffs can easily be reached by car, while others only by sea or trekking.

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Marina di Orosei: Drive to the end of Via del Mare (1.7km). There are places to park all along the beach right up to the harbour. The beach is 12km long and magnificent. There are no trees here (do bring a sunshade!). There are two cafés, one of them situated directly by the sea (to the right) where snacks can also be bought. A volleyball net is available here.

Osala: Turn left at the junction (where the Via del Mare starts), then straight ahead for about 4 km (past the Municipio) following the sign to Osala (do not turn right towards Dorgali). You can stop at the bar Su Petrosu where it is possible to eat, or you can drive on until you see cars parked on the left. Here is a new bar where food is also served. This time park on the right after passing the bar and walk over the bridge. Here is a beautiful pine beach! You can of course decide to drive to the end of the road where you find various bays and beaches which are ideal for fishing. The view from the nuraghic village Osala onto the nearby coast is spectacular.

Su Barone: Here in this coastal pine forest it is possible to park one’s car directly on the beach. It is ideal for whole-day excursions on very hot days. Remember to bring your hammocks! (Please do not park in areas where the sand is very deep). Directions: Pass the ‘Rifugio’ and drive towards the sea. Turn right after 500 metres and follow the road signs. After about 1 km turn left after the bridge. This is a bumpy road and leads over a pond. After 2.7km turn left into the forest.

Beaches in the vicinity

Cala Liberotto: SS 125 direction Siniscola. Turn right after 12km and drive through Liberotto. Keep going until you reach the sea. Here you will find various bays with and without pine trees and the restaurant ‘Il Corallo’ situated directly by the sea. There is a Bungy Trampoline which everyone is welcome to use. Great fun and keeps you fit!

Cala Ginepro: From Liberotto drive 1.2km along the SS 125, then turn right. Continue straight ahead until you reach the camping site, then straight ahead towards the sea. At the back of the forest there is a barbecue area with tables and benches as well as a volleyball field. Ideal for families with small children. Here you can walk 200 metres out into the sea.

Berchida: After five further kilometres on the SS 125 (direction Siniscola) you will come to this nature reserve (parking fee). It is a long white sandy beach, and no shade!

Cala Gonone, Cala Luna, and Cala Coloritze – see boat trips below.