Soli Deo Gloria

Mission & Vision

Vision & Mission statement SDG Prayer Mountain

(after 10 years working here in Sardinia we are so thankful to our God that we have been able to fulfill almost every goal of our statement!)

Who are we?

Matthias & Irene Winkler, Benjamin (17), Tatjana (14) and Raffael (13). We have experienced God´s help, healing and restoration in many different areas of our lives.

We are aware that by our own efforts we cannot bear fruit that will last forever, but we know that everything is possible with our God. (Jos. 1,2-9).

Goals and dreams

Our passionate wish is for many people to be saved, healed and restored and through this to see Jesus glorified and exalted. Why Sardinia? After studying for the full-time ministry in Lüdenscheid 1987/88 the Lord was calling us to the Island of Sardinia. During the 12 years of Matthias´parents, Alfred and Rösli Winkler, mission work we spent our holidays every year in Orosei, Sardinia. We were also involved in the different processes of church planting and the other phases of the work.

We believe that now is the time the Lord wants to lift up His glory and pour out His spirit on this precious island. We want to see the Lord draw His church to His heart, heal and restore His bride. Then they will be able to enter their promised land, preach the good news to the lost, heal the sick and deliver the oppressed.(see Is. 61, 1-4, Mark 16, 15-18)

The property „Chilivri“ of 47.000 m² including the mountain has been dedicated to the Lord. It is a place of worship and prayer. We invite the Sardinians and Christians of all the nations to pray and worship on that mountain. When we worship the Lord in spirit and truth,  repent from our sins, and cleanse the land through building prayer altars in our families, churches and cities, the Lord Jesus will come and heal His people.(2. Chr. 7, 14+15).

Short term goals

  • Get accustomed as a family to the new environment;
  • Help the children become accustomed to the new school system;
  • Form a board for the sardinian association;
  • Learn the language;
  • Build and strengthen friendships and relationships;
  • Get accustomed to the Sardinian culture and way of thinking;
  • Learn about the history of the island of Orosei;
  • Plant and maintain the fruit tree garden with olive trees to be able to work together;
  • Dedicate the prayer-mountain and give a great deal of time to prayer and seeking the Lord;

Middle and long term goals

  • Build a team of coworkers;
  • Found home churches which will multiply themselves;
  • Live in communities and train new believers in discipleship;
  • Transmit our vision and make a plan of action;
  • Strengthen our relationships with other believers;
  • Organise interconfessional worship events, schools for art & adoration;
  • Set up seminars and conferences;
  • Build up the infrastructure;
  • Influence the land politically and economically through a 24 h Watchmen-Ministry;
  • Minister to and support Israel

We have links with wise and spiritually mature advisers. Fathers and mothers in christ, apostles and prophets who have a vision for prayer, unity and reconciliation. Before taking important decisions we will seek the advice, and spiritual protection and encouragement of such people.

The following quotation from Augustine was a favourite with our father, the pioneer of this work. „In main issues unity, in other issues liberty over all is love.“ We feel that this is key. We want to minister to the Sardinians in the spirit of love and omit to rebuke the spirit of criticism which is full of mistrust. May the Lord help us to do so.